Selected Studies 2 for flute par Kovacs G.

Titre de livre: Selected Studies 2 for flute

Auteur: Kovacs G.

Broché: 52 pages

Date de sortie: January 1, 2000

Éditeur: Edition Musicale Budapest

Selected Studies 2 for flute par Kovacs G.

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Kovacs G. avec Selected Studies 2 for flute

Publié par Bántai Vilmos, Kovács GáborInstrument: FluteSérie: Music Lesson - Exercises, StudiesGenre: StudiesPages: 52 ppDate du parution: 1980The three volumes contain 176 studies by 25 composers. The selection was made according to technical usefulness and musical value. The studies follow in order of the grade of difficulty and are grouped around certain problems. All three volumes can be applied as supplementary material to any flute tutor. Their use should be determined by the progress of the student and not by the class he attends. We recommend the first volume (Z. 8591) for beginners, the second (Z. 8592) one for advanced students on the lower level, the third (Z. 8593) for intermediate students.

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